Military Families

The Saint John Paul the Great community is privileged to include families from every branch of the military service. Our JP family members serve at government facilities and locations throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., including Quantico, Fort Belvoir, the Pentagon, Fort Myers, and many other local facilities. 
We are happy and excited to tell you more about Saint John Paul the Great as you prepare for your new assignment!
Planning Your Arrival
We look forward to welcoming you to the area and learning more about your family! If you receive orders to Northern Virginia, we encourage you to call us at 703-445-0246! We'd be happy to offer you a virtual tour, share our course offerings and extracurricular activities, explain the application process and answer your questions! If you are ready to start exploring our website, you are welcome to review the list on the right for more information regarding John Paul. To learn more about the application process, please click here for 9th Grade Applicants and please click here for Transfer Applicants.
Academic Planning for Military Families
John Paul offers a rigorous college prep curriculum with multiple levels of study. Please click here to learn more about JP's Academic Departments and please click here to learn more about JP's Dual Enrollment offerings. You are welcome to review JP's Graduation Requirements here, but please know that we continually work with our military families so if there are concerns about Graduation Requirements, we encourage you to contact us at 703-445-0246 or [email protected].  
Special Needs Navigation and Parental Rights
John Paul is proud to offer a variety of programs designed to provide a supportive and inclusive education for our students, including Options, Laudare, and Academic Support. Our Director of Special Services works with newly enrolled families to develop a Student Assistance Plan (SAP), similar to an IEP, prior to the student's first day of school. This process allows for an open line of communication between families and our Special Services Department as well as establishes a foundation for the student's academic success. To learn more about which JP program might be the best fit for your child, please click here
Please find additional resources available to you below:
Other Matters of Importance
We invite you to review the list on the right for more information regarding Academics, Extracurricular Activities, Transportation, Tuition Assistance and more! You are always welcome to contact us at 703-445-0246 or [email protected]!
Preparing Your Move out of Northern Virginia
We wish you could stay for longer, but we'll continue to hope that we see your family again in the future! As you prepare your move out of the area, please contact Ms. Sarah Moffit for the next steps regarding enrollment and transcripts, at 703-445-0242 or [email protected].
Additionally, military parents are welcome to connect with a School Liaison Officer (SLO) at their installation. SLOs are present on every military installation and assist families with school-aged students on educational matters such as school transitions, providing information about local school districts, graduation requirements, youth sponsorship programs, and homeschooling.

SLOs can connect families with another SLO at their new military installation in and out of the contiguous United States prior to a PCS. SLOs at Fort Belvoir and Quantico assist families from any branch of service. Click here to review a complete list of School Liaisons for all branches of service.