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Hello and Welcome to Saint John Paul the Great,
As the Athletic Director, I am excited to be a part of this GREAT school focused on the development of young people through the pursuit of excellence. Years ago Pope St. Pius XII said, “Sport, properly directed, develops character, makes a man courageous, a generous loser and a gracious victory.” From this quote, the Athletic Department at Saint John Paul the Great derives its philosophy to keep sport always “properly directed” towards the enjoyment of the game and the development of character. At Saint John Paul we are blessed with dedicated coaches, wonderful families, and collegiate-level facilities, all of which assist in both the development of character and the pursuit of excellence. As the Athletic Director in charge of 17 sports and 35 teams, I am committed to keeping Athletics in its proper place behind God, Family, and Academics.
Keeping sports in its proper place frees all involved, especially the student-athletes, to pursue excellence rather than just striving for a win. Therefore the Athletic experience at Saint John Paul redefines success to be a team or individual reaching their full potential in all they do rather than merely a win or loss. In today’s sports-dominated world this can sound like a radical idea, possibly even an idea that requires individuals to be GREAT in order to achieve such a goal. The Wolves of Saint John Paul welcome the challenge to Greatness!
With that as the backdrop here are a few facts about the Athletic Program at Saint John Paul:
  • 17 Sports offered equating to 37 teams.
  • Over 50 student-athletes went on to play college sports.
  • 34 Student-Athletes playing at the NCAA Division III level.
  • Private team masses throughout the season.
  • Access to Collegiate-level facilities including:
    • Artificial Turf Fields
    • 8 Lane Track & Field Facility
    • Baseball and softball fields
    • 2 Full-Size Gymnasiums
    • State-of-the-art Weight Room
    • Wrestling Room
  • Student-Athlete and Coach’s handbook and code of behavior
  • ABSOLUTELY NO Financial Aid is given for Athletic Ability
  • Over 80% of Student-body participates in at least 1 sport
  • Over 40% of Student-Athletes are Multi-Sport Athletes

As our Athletic program continues to build to form young men and women of Character through the pursuit of excellence, I encourage you to consider whether you are called to be a Wolf at this GREAT Catholic School and together we can echo the words of our patron, Saint John Paul the Great, “Give thanks to God for the gift of sport.” If you have any questions or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me. Take care and Go Wolves!!
Chris Vander Woude
Athletic Director
Saint John Paul the Great