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Graduation Requirements


Saint John Paul the Great offers one diploma indicating successful completion of our rigorous college-prep curriculum. Individual transcripts reflect Advanced, Honors, and AP achievements. Graduation from John Paul requires a minimum of 28 credits across academic disciplines. Most John Paul students will earn 32 credits over four years making a Saint John Paul the Great diploma worth up to 5 credits more than diplomas from schools with similar academic goals. The additional credits demonstrate to colleges and universities an extraordinary level of preparation for higher education.
  • Bioethics: 2.5
  • English: 4
  • Fine Arts: 1 
  • Mathematics: 3
  • Physical Education/Health: 2
  • Religion: 4
  • Science: 3
  • Social Studies: 4
  • World Language: 2

HONOR ROLL: Students who excel academically are recognized each quarter in the following ways:

  • Principal’s Honor Roll: All A’s
  • First Honors: 3.7 GPA and above, no less than a B in any class
  • Second Honors: 3.5 GPA and above, no more than 2 C’s, no D’s or F’s