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Mission statement

Rooted in the Dominican tradition of prayer, study, community and service, Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School is committed to the formation of youth with special emphasis on the ethical development of the students.  We strive to provide an environment where students can grow in the image of Jesus Christ while developing intellectual, theological, and moral virtues. As a Diocesan School, we prepare each student for a life of faith, service, and integrity.
In order to carry out this mission, the faculty and staff are committed to:
Providing an environment in which the profound dignity of every student is affirmed, thus enabling them to grow in the knowledge of their worth as creatures made in God’s image and invited to share divine life with Him.
Providing an environment in which the Catholic faith is vibrant so that students can grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and are motivated to take an ever more active role in his Church.
Cooperating with the parents and families of our students, recognizing them as the primary educators of their children.
Saint John Paul the Great is a high school of the Diocese of Arlington, founded under the leadership of now retired Bishop Paul S. Loverde. To learn more about the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, and our new shepherd, Bishop Michael Burbidge, please visit:

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JP Admissions Office ZOOM Panel Meetings

During this unprecedented time, the JP Admissions Office wants to keep in touch as best we can! We are offering Zoom Panels as a resource to assist you with your admissions and enrollment journey.
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JP Bioethics Panel: COVID-19 and Our Response

A group of over one hundred participants gathered early Friday morning to listen to a discussion regarding a bioethical analysis of COVID-19 and our response to it. Andrew Kubick, a member of the Bioethics & Religion Department at John Paul acted as a moderator. The panel of expertise included: Fr. Keith Cummings, Dr. Richard Gildersleeve, Dr. Leanne Hanson, Dr. Marianne Madiedo, Mrs. Gina Votovich and Sr. Terese Auer, O.P.