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How to Apply

Application Process Timeline and Overview

Applying for Fall 2022: Important Dates

December 4 and/or January 8: Non-diocesan 8th graders, and homeschooled students applying for a 10th-grade transfer take the HSPT at John Paul.

January 7: School application priority deadline. Submit the application through the online system by January 7 to guarantee an on-time admissions decision. All supporting documents may be submitted by February 1 to maintain priority consideration. Later submission applicants will be reviewed based on space availability.

January 7: Deadline to submit scholarship applications by mail or in-person to our front desk at JP. Supporting documentation must be submitted on time (meeting school application and aid deadlines).

January 19: Financial aid priority deadline: Submit financial aid application through the online FACTS system by January 19 to guarantee an on-time financial aid award decision. All supporting documents (submitted through FACTS) may be submitted by February to maintain priority consideration. Later submission applicants will be reviewed based on remaining funds.

February 18: Decision letters are mailed to priority applicants!

March 11: Register to attend John Paul the Great for Fall 2022!

Process Overview: Please review specific information for each type of applicant by clicking one of the options on the green list to the right!  Our application system guides you step-by-step through the application process. To begin, you will complete an online application form. Once submitted, you will have an account and application checklist to refer to build a completed application file. The checklist will instruct you to directly upload items, request them from your current school, email the JP Office of Admissions, etc.

A completed application file includes: 

  1. Application Form
  2. Academic Records
  3. Principal Recommendation, or other School Administrator
  4. Teacher Recommendation
  5. High School Placement Test (HSPT) results (for rising 9th-grade students or 9th/10th-grade homeschool applicants)
  6. SAP, IEP, 504, or other similar documentation regarding any possible need for particular academic support and/or documentation
  7. Full disclosure of any disciplinary, behavioral, or other issues during middle/high school years
For more information on scholarships, aid, and details for each type of applicant, check out those specific pages!