Physical Education

Physical education is a part of the formation and flourishing of the human person. This development includes attention to the physical body in a healthy way that acknowledges the necessity of both correct knowledge and appropriate activities in order to promote genuine human well being.

Physical Education Department Mission Statement:
“Sports contribute to the love of life, teaches sacrifice, respect and responsibility, leading to the full development of every human person.– Pope Saint John Paul II

As an integral part of the total educational process, the Physical Education department is committed to enhancing students’ fitness levels, motor skills, and kinesthetic awareness.  We will strive to provide a framework in which the student can develop physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually and be respectful of themselves and their fellow students.  The Physical Education department provides an encouraging environment in which students can improve their recreational skills, knowledge of a healthy lifestyle, and grow in the virtues of sportsmanship.  

The P.E. department is committed to:

  • Expanding the students’ knowledge of what encompasses a healthy lifestyle
  • Improving students’ motor skills and kinesthetic awareness
  • Improving individual fitness levels of all students participating in P.E. classes
  • Providing an encouraging environment in which students foster a community where virtues of sportsmanship are practiced and the dignity of each student is respected
  • Participation in movement safely with a focus on how to respect each other’s space and ownership during class
Graduation Requirements for Phys Ed / Health: 
2 total credits are required. “Health: An Ethical Approach” and “PE I/Introduction to Team Sports” are required for all students.
Required Courses:
  • Health: An Ethical Approach
  • PE I/Introduction to Team Sports

Elective Courses:
  • Lifetime and Individual Sports
  • Personal Fitness for Athletes
  • Intro to Sport Medicine
  • PE II/Driver’s Education
  • Weight Training
  • Advanced Weight Training
  • Anatomy and Physiology H
  • Intro to Nursing