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Bioethics Program


Saint John Paul the Great is the first Catholic high school in the United States to offer a four-year Bioethics Curriculum©.

The required program, rooted in philosophy, science, and ethics, teaches students how to think and reason logically through complex issues. Developed specifically for this school, the flagship Bioethics Curriculum© provides students with the foundation needed to address the serious medical and ethical issues of the 21st Century by equipping them with principles specific to the fields of healthcare and the life sciences. Colleges and universities rightly identify Bioethics courses as philosophical study, recognizing an exceptional level of preparation for higher studies, and offers a competitive edge in the admissions process.

All Saint John Paul the Great teachers receive introductory training in Bioethics. The Bioethics Curriculum© complements the accredited college-preparatory curriculum in core subjects, such as Science, Math, English, Religion, and History. Students are able to thoughtfully apply bioethical concepts to various historical events, literary themes, scientific facts, and religious tenets.