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The House System seeks to foster the community of Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School by providing opportunities for service, friendly competition, team-building activities, social events, leadership, and building school spirit.  It is the mission of the House System to strive to give every member of the school community a place to belong, grow, and thrive.


Student Leaders = Servant Leaders

In the spring, each house elects representatives (rising sophomore through rising senior) to serve on the house leadership team for the following school year.

These leaders become part of the Servant Leadership Association (SLA), through which they are given leadership formation and the opportunity to develop their talents through event planning and management.

Servant Leaders strive to be role models of service, to use their gifts for the betterment of the school and to engage and inspire all students to actively participate in our John Paul community.


Houses mean that John Paul students:

  • Become an important part of their school community from their very first day.

  • Engage in many opportunities to lead, participate, and serve.

  • Get to know people from all grade levels.

  • Discover and apply their gifts in the areas of body, mind, and spirit.