Special Services

We are proud to offer a variety of programs designed to provide a supportive and inclusive education here at Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School. Mindful of the belief that all human beings are made in the image of Christ, we seek to foster spirituality and inclusion among all members of our student body. Students at Saint John Paul the Great learn together, worship together, serve together, and celebrate one another. We offer several service programs to support students academically.

Academic Support: The Academic Support Program is for students with a history of documented learning difficulties, who, with support, can succeed with the competitive college-prep curriculum at Saint John Paul the Great.

Laudare Program: The Laudare program assists the academic and organizational needs of students with a Specific Learning Disability. 

Options Program: a special education program for students with moderate intellectual or cognitive disabilities.

Contact Special Services:
Sarah Gardner
E-mail: sarah.gardner@jpthegreat.org
Main: 703.445.0233