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International Applicants

We value the richness that different cultures bring to our community and welcome applications from international students to attend JP the Great for one year or to earn a diploma.

International transfer students (currently on J-1 or F1 visa) may apply to transfer to JP the Great for 10th or 11th grade. However, we find the students have a richer experience if they attend all four years.

In all cases, proving proficiency with the English language is critical as John Paul does not offer ESL programs, ESL support, and does not modify the college preparatory curriculum for any student.

All International Students MUST have a local Agent.
Please visit the Diocese of Arlington website for more information.


Admissions Process for International Students who wish to attend Diocese of Arlington Catholic schools:

  1. APPLY to and meet all the admission requirements for the Diocese of Arlington Catholic school of choice.
  2. COMPLETE Diocese of Arlington I-20 application and submit it to the Diocesan school of choice.
  3. PICK UP completed I-20 from the Office of Catholic Schools after receiving notification that the I-20 is available. NOTE: I-20s must be picked up and will not be mailed.
  4. PAY the I-901 fee and save a copy of your receipt.
  5. SCHEDULE a visa interview with the local U.S. Consulate.

Housing: Saint John Paul the Great is a day school and does not provide housing or find host families for international students. Agents or relatives must provide proof of a safe, supportive home before the I-20 visa application is processed. International students are required to live with approved families through their course of study at John Paul, even if the student should turn 18, and may not change homes without prior approval from the school.