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House of Martin

House Patron:  St. Martin de Porres     MARTIN
House Color:  Turquoise
Feast Day:  November 3
Motto: Humilitas  (Humility)

Symbol: The Broom
Martin quietly performed the humblest duties in the monastery. He was called “Brother Broom,” in recognition of his simplicity and humility.
Martin's biographers say, "his charity, as wide and deep as the ocean, was accompanied by charisms of every kind." The turquoise color of the House of Martin is reminiscent of the ocean waves which brought generations of missionaries to the New World. Saint Martin de Porres was born in poverty in Peru in the 16th century. His mother was a Peruvian native, and his father was a wealthy Spaniard who abandoned Martin and his younger sister. In those days, persons of mixed race were not permitted to a full profession in religious orders. Still, Martin's quiet holiness was so evident that the Dominican community broke with the custom and invited him to make vows. On the crest, the eight-pointed star represents Martin's Dominican charism. The shield's shape suggests that of a bowl, recalling Martin's tireless care for the poor and his unabated desire to serve all those he met. He quietly performed his duties in the monastery--caring for African slaves, quickly raising dowries for young women in need, and working tirelessly in the kitchen and infirmary. He was called "Brother Broom" in recognition of his simplicity and humility. "Humilitas," an appropriate motto for the House of Martin, is the chief virtue of this saint who worked wonders.
Saint Martin de Porres, pray for us!
A statue of Saint Martin de Porres is located in the rotunda outside the library.