Head of SchoolThank you for visiting the Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School website, a college-prep school with the nation's first four-year bioethics curriculum.
In 2008, the doors of our school opened with 200 students. Since then, our enrollment has grown to more than 750 students. One of our teachers commented that he had never encountered so many smiling faces in all his years of teaching high school as there are at John Paul the Great. Our students' joy is a testament to the extraordinary talent and commitment of our teachers, staff, parents, and countless others who have helped to establish and grow our school.

What's happening at Saint John Paul the Great is very special, and we are only at the beginning of our journey as a school. Knowing where we came from and who we are called to be is the guiding force behind our academic, spiritual, and relational successes. Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School seeks to provide an environment where students can freely seek to know, follow, and proclaim Jesus Christ.

Further, the Dominican spirituality centers on four pillars of Christian life: prayer, study, community, and service. At Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School, these four pillars are integral to all elements of school life.

I hope you will enjoy exploring this website and that you will visit our campus. Your visit will bring to life the spirit of this school by providing an opportunity to encounter the people who fill the classrooms, hallways, chapel, and athletic fields.

I hope to see you soon.