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Zoom Panel Meetings

During this unprecedented time, the JP Admissions Office wants to keep in touch as best we can! While we hope we can return to offering in-person admissions help and new family opportunities at JP this summer, we are offering the below Zoom Panels as a resource to you throughout your admissions and enrollment journey. Reminder emails will be sent out the week of each session. No RSVP required! Meetings are set for panelists to be available on video and audio, and guests to enter on mute with no video. Depending on attendance, we will accept questions via the Zoom Chat, or possibly open up to questions via audio and video. Thank you for your cooperation! Questions? Email admissions@jpthegreat.org.

To review recently answered questions from past Zooms panels, please refer to the Live Admissions FAQ 2020 document. 

Date and Time


Zoom Meeting Link and Password

Friday, May 15

10 am

Freshman Year: Seminar, Transition, What to Expect


Password: 7VDEf1

Wednesday, May 27

4:30 pm

Academics: Planning, Placement, Getting Ahead, Course Concerns, Academic Support


Password: 1RgC9e

Thursday, June 11

4:30 pm

Athletics: Meet the Fall Coaches


Password: 3zsvCS

Friday, June 26

10 am

Bioethics: Purpose, Courses and Faculty


Password: 2hwLBd

Thursday, July 9

4:30 pm

JP Leadership: Meet Our Administrators


Password: 1Qqe8G

Friday, July 24

10 am

School Supports: Counseling Department and School Nurse


Password: 0zzKRY

Thursday, August 6

4:30 pm

JP and COVID-19: Plans for Our Community


Password: 6Uw14C