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Our beloved patron, John Paul II, was famously known as the “Pilgrim Pope.”  From the beginning, his papacy was marked by the many pilgrimages and apostolic visits he undertook to carry the message of Jesus Christ to every part of the world.  He is considered the most seen person in history; more people have been in his physical presence than any other person. It is in this spirit that John Paul students experience pilgrimage.  Each pilgrimage is intentionally planned to provide a variety of cultural, artistic, and religious experiences. Students experience new cultures, many for the first time, and are reminded of the rich legacy of the Catholic - that is, universal - Church.  Along the way, we see famous sites, eat a lot of good food and ice cream, and have daily adventures!

Past pilgrimage experiences have included:

World Youth Day Madrid, 2010
Rome and Poland, 2014
Spain and France in the Footsteps of St. Dominic, 2015
World Youth Day Krakow, 2016
Fatima and Lourdes, 2017

Future plans include World Youth Day Portugal, 2022