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" The faith of countless believers has been nourished by melodies flowing from the hearts of other believers..."

– Pope Saint John Paul II, Letter to Artists, 1999.


It is fitting, considering the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia lead and teach at Saint John Paul the Great, that we have the largest music program by more than double any school in the Arlington Diocese.  Our annual St. Cecilia concert is not to be missed. An exquisite treat, unique to the John Paul community, is the ability to walk the halls and hear music from our program wafting through the corridors.  The acoustics of the atrium just outside the music room and the open ceiling of our main floor allows the members of our community to appreciate the beautiful sounds that emanate from the music program.

Students in the program and our music clubs have received notable recognition in Virginia for many years and in several different areas. We are proud to say we have placed students in honor ensembles for the last 7 years and several of our students have gone on to study music in college. We currently have alumni students playing in the band at UVA, Virginia Tech, GMU pep band, and Notre Dame.