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Sr. Mary Veronica Keller, O.P.

In Her Own Words: I am so grateful to God to serve at this amazing school in which the John Paul II’s vision of Catholic education unites and animates all we do.  As he explained this vision: “Catholic education aims not only to communicate facts but also to transmit a coherent, comprehensive vision of life, in the conviction that the truths contained in that vision liberate students in the most profound meaning of human freedom.”  Because our curriculum and school culture are focused on the dignity of the human person created in the image of God, students grow and thrive as persons: academically, spiritually, and socially.  I am so inspired by how the Holy Spirit works through our faculty, staff, and students to build up this culture of truth and love. With these beautiful young people to lead the way, our future is bright!
  • M.S., Educational Leadership, Christian Brothers University
  • M.A., Biblical Studies, Providence College
  • B.A., English, James Madison University
  • 15  years of teaching experience
  • 5 years previous experience as principal