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For New Parents

To review recently answered questions and a general FAQ from JP Admissions, please refer to the Live Admissions FAQ 2020 document. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do students wear uniforms?
Yes, the students at Saint John Paul the Great wear uniforms reflecting the school colors of green, black and white. 
Uniforms are ordered through FlynnO'Hara Uniforms.
Create an online account by using the button on the right.
JP Used Uniform and Consignment Sale is July 9.

What about transportation options to and from school? 
Buses: We operate school buses from the following areas: Fredericksburg/Stafford, Gainesville/Manassas, and Alexandria/Springfield. These transportation options are offered at an additional cost. Please use the Bus Service button on the right for additional information. 


Carpools: Carpools are a popular option for our students.  All JP families receive a carpool survey in May. Families who are interested in exploring carpool options should respond to the survey. Admissions compile the collected responses and makes it accessible to those who are interested in arranging carpools.

Is there a lunch program?
Yes, a private catering company, Fairfax Food Service, prepares fresh, delicious, healthy, hot meals, as well as a-la-carte items, each day on site. In lieu of cash, students use their school ID to purchase food items. Parents have up to 9 AM to add money to a student account through our PaySimple Portal.