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Spotlight: Drama

The John Paul the Great Drama Department is thrilled to present their Spring Musical this weekend. Opening night for "The Fantasticks" is Friday, April 16 at 7:30 PM. The directors, performers, musicians, and technicians could not be more excited to share the show with everyone, especially considering the unique challenges faced during the pandemic.

Paul Hope, Head of the JP Drama department, says that the pandemic "has added a whole new set of hurdles'' to their efforts. They have had to deal with Covid protocols such as social distancing, masks, the possibility of no audience in attendance, and even cancelations.  The protocols have made rehearsing very difficult. Still, according to Clare Anderson, “They [the students], have gone above and beyond to put together this show under strict regulations that make singing and dancing more complicated. The entire cast and crew have faced these challenges and turned them into triumphs.”

Paul Hope acknowledges the triumphs as well, one of the most significant is having a live audience--the theatre will be at 1/3 capacity. Additional audience members will enjoy the show virtually.  "The kids need an audience to get that immediate feedback," Mr. Hope explained. "Even if it's just feeling that the audience is there with them." 

Mr. Hope expressed his gratitude for everyone involved. Ms. Anderson, "a trooper," took on many tasks, including the role of sound technician.  Mrs. Kingett, Music Director, has been a "stalwart guide and mentor to the musicians and the cast." Sister Ann Dominic and Sarah Moffit from Student Life were essential to coordinating for a live audience.

 The adage, "The show must go on!" was put to the test, and go on it will! 


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