Emerald Raffle

 First-ever JP Emerald Raffle is officially underway!

Enter today for a chance to win one or more of 238 cash prizes totaling as much as $75,000!

Only 6,000 tickets will be sold at $25 each. Incremental drawings will be held starting March 17, 2017 and all but the top three winning tickets will be placed back in the drum for a chance to win again! So, buy your tickets early and increase your chances of winning!

The top three prize winners will be announced on May 20, 2017 at the “Diamonds and Denim Gala.” A fun evening of music, food, and a live auction will supplement the excitement of the Emerald Raffle.  

How to buy tickets:

  1. Find a JP family and see if they have any to spare!
  2. Email the Emerald Raffle committee and we’ll get them to you! EmeraldRaffle@jpthegreat.org

 – Read Emerald Raffle details and FAQ here!

– Read Sister Mary Veronica’s letter here!

– Print Emerald Raffle flier here!

Questions? Please email EmeraldRaffle@jpthegreat.org


Draw #6: April 24, 2017 – $250 Winners

Draw #5: April 12, 2017 – $250 Winners

Draw #4: April 7, 2017 – $100 Winners

Draw #3: March 31, 2017 – $100 Winners

Draw #2: March 24, 2017 – $50 Winners

Draw #1: March 17, 2017 – $50 Winners