House System

What are Houses?

_DSC0269At John Paul, every student, teacher, and staff member in the school belongs to one of eight groups known as Houses. Houses are like teams, where everyone belongs and everyone participates. Members of each House work together to compete against other Houses in the areas of academics, athletics, school spirit, and community service. Contests in creativity, trivia, races and relays, GPA, and sports events are among some of the challenges.

Winning Houses earn dress down days and other privileges as they vie for the title of ‘House of the Month’, and ultimately ‘House of the Year.’ The friendly rivalry builds a healthy community spirit where friendships are strengthened, faith is lived, and high school is more fun.

Houses mean that John Paul students:

  • Become an important part of their school community from their very first day.
  • Engage in limitless opportunities to lead, participate, and serve.
  • Get to know people from all grade levels.
  • Support friends, and get the support of others through attendance at “Marquee Events” such as sports games, performances, and other after-school activities where more people = more fun!
  • Discover and apply their gifts in the areas of body, mind, and spirit.

Fun Facts:

  • _DSC0030Each House is named after one of the saints who have a particular connection with the culture of life and represent the variety of Christian vocations.  The statues of these saints can be seen throughout the school.
  • Each House has their own color and designs their own t-shirt each year.
  • Most students are randomly assigned to Houses upon entering JP; siblings automatically belong to the same House.
  • Houses are forever, so future reunions, homecoming, and other alumni events take on added meaning.
  • Within each House there are smaller groups of about twenty students called Circles. Circles include male and female students from each grade, and meet once a week. Circle membership changes every semester.
  • 48 students are elected each year to the governing Servant Leadership Association – 6 students from each House.
  • A papal-style conclave among the 48 SLA members results in the election of a school President and Vice-President from the Senior class.

To view pictures from our House events, see our Gallery.

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