Laudare Program Applicants

The Laudare Program was created to the meet the academic and organizational needs of students with a Specific Learning Disability. Laudare is the Latin verb to praise. Students in the Laudare Program receive assistance and accommodations in daily academic support classes in the areas of test preparation, homework support, and assignment completion. Students are taught study skills and organizational techniques, and grades are frequently monitored.

Laudare Program teachers work closely with students, teachers and parents to facilitate academic preparedness, organization, and communication. One of the keys to the success of the Laudare Program is the 5-to-1 student to teacher ratio within the Laudare class.  The program is designed to promote an inclusive, supported environment in which all students learn about faith, Bioethics, and the importance of personal responsibility and self-advocacy.

Admission to the Laudare Program:

There is a $2800 tuition supplement applied to the student’s base tuition to participate in this program.

Items needed for the Laudare Application include:

  1. Application for admission
  2. Principal Recommendation Form (to include: attendance record, disciplinary records, as applicable)
  3. Current IEP, ICEP or SAP
  4. Current Eligibility / Testing information (formal or informal testing), including related service provider reports (Speech, OT, PT, etc…). NOTE: Per standard guidelines, testing is valid for only 3 years; testing must be current
  5. Medical information related to the students’ disability

Qualified applicants will be invited to spend a day at Saint John Paul the Great for observation of the Program and appointments will be scheduled with the current school for an on-site observation of student’s current learning environment.

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For more information, please visit the Laudare Program page.