House of Ruiz


House of Ruiz – Spirit Week Fence

House Patron: St. Lorenzo Ruiz
House Color: Red, the color of martyrs
Feast Day:  September 28



About Our Patron:
Saint Lorenzo Ruiz was a courageous Filipino martyr, known for his devotion to the Dominican Order and Our Lady’s Rosary. Saint Lorenzo Ruiz is the first canonized martyr of the Philippines. Lorenzo Ruiz was born in about 1600 to a Chinese Christian Father and a Tagala Christian mother in Manila, Philippines. He was a devoted and active Catholic, involved in a Rosary Confraternity and became a husband and father of three. In 1637 he was falsely accused of murder and forced to leave his country. The Dominican fathers who knew Lorenzo arranged to have him take a ship to Japan. Soon after arriving in Japan, Lorenzo was captured for being Catholic and brought to Nagasaki, where he was tortured. He was promised safe passage back to his family if he renounced his faith, but he refused, reportedly saying that if he had a thousand lives he would die a thousand times for God. He was finally killed on September 29, 1637 by an infamous Japanese torture tool known as “the pit.” All his companions were martyred in the same manner. On February 18, 1981, Lorenzo Ruiz became the first person beatified outside the Vatican, when Pope John Paul II beatified him in the Philippines. He was canonized on October 18, 1987, in Rome. (Adapted from information found on this website.)

…from Blessed John Paul the Great:

“The example of Lorenzo Ruiz, the son of a Chinese father and Tagala mother, reminds us that everyone’s life and the whole of one’s life must be at Christ’s disposal. Christianity means daily giving, in response to the gift of Christ who came into the world so that all might have life and have it to the full. Or, as so aptly expressed in the theme of my visit to this country : To die for the faith is a gift to some; to live the faith is a call for all.”  – Canonization Homily, February 18, 1981_DSC0133