House of Aquino

Ho_DSC0301use Patron: St. Thomas Aquinas
House Color: Royal Blue
Feast Day: January 28


About Our Patron: 
St. Thomas Aquinas, a priest and doctor of the Church, is the patron saint of students.  Born in Aquino, Italy around the year 1226, St. Thomas studied under the Benedictines of Monte Cassino.  Much to the chagrin of his parents, who had designs for Thomas to become a Benedictine Abbot, Thomas joined the Dominican Order, dedicated to the pursuit and preaching of Truth, in 1243.  St. Thomas is known for his intelligence, chastity, and humility.  At the end of his life, after writing numerous volumes and denying the offer of an archbishopric, he recognized that all he had accomplished was “straw.”  He had a vision of Christ speaking to him from the crucifix and when He asked Thomas what he desired, Thomas responded, “Nothing but yourself, Lord.”

The statue of St. Thomas can be seen outside of St. Thomas Aquinas Hall on the first floor, a room especially dedicated to our Bioethics department.  The philosophical teachings of St. Thomas provide a foundation for our Bioethics classes.