Options Program Applicants

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Options Program is an innovative, inclusive special education program for students with moderate intellectual or cognitive disabilities who can not access the general curriculum. The Options Program provides the opportunity for students to grow socially, spiritually, and academically alongside their peers in a Catholic environment. The program focuses on academic as well as vocational skills, with each student’s education plan being highly individualized. A primary goal for each student is to be as fully integrated as possible into the total life of the school community. Options students do not earn a high school diploma. Rather, on graduation day, students receive a special Options Program certificate of completion.

Goals of the Options Program:

  1. For each student to be as fully integrated as possible into the total life of the school community.
  2. To inspire the school community to increase acceptance of people with disabilities, and promote respect for human life by helping all to more fully realize the  value and gifts inherent in each of  God’s children.

Admission to the Options Program:

  1. Students who apply for the Options Program should already possess the social and behavioral skills necessary to thrive at Saint John Paul the Great, including that the student may not exhibit any violent/dangerous behaviors towards oneself or others.
  2. The student must have the ability to independently perform all activities of daily living such as toileting, dressing, washing hands, etc…
  3. The student must have the ability to work in group situations with a minimum amount of distraction to others.
  4. Students must be open to fully participating the in spiritual life of the school, though are not required to be Catholic.


Items needed for the Options Application include:

  1. Application for admission
  2. Principal Recommendation Form (to include: attendance record; and, disciplinary records, if applicable.)
  3. Current IEP or ICEP
  4. Current Eligibility / Testing information (formal or informal testing), including related service provider reports (Speech, OT, PT, etc…). Per standard guidlines, testing is valid for only 3 years.
  5. Medical information related to the students’ disability
  6. Behavior Management Plan or Behavior Intervention Plan
  7. Current academic records (past 2 years), to include summary of students’ academic strengths and weaknesses.
  8. A letter from a current teacher summarizing the students’ level of independence, mobility and safety

Qualified applicants will be invited to spend a day at Saint John Paul the Great for observation of our Program and appointments will be scheduled with the current school for an on-site observation of the student’s current learning environment.


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For more information, please visit the Options Program page.