International Students

_DSC0117 - v1We value the richness that different cultures bring to our community and welcome applications from international students to attend JP the Great for one or more years.

International transfer students (currently on J-1 or F1 visa) may apply to transfer to JP the Great for 10th or 11th grade (we do not normally accept transfer 12th graders).

In all cases, proving proficiency with the English language is critical as John Paul the Great does not offer ESL programs or ESL support; we do not modify the college preparatory curriculum for any student.

Tuition Rates and fees:
Tuition rates for international students are slightly higher than non-Catholic student rate in order to defray the costs associated.  100% tuition must be paid by April 1 of the year prior to enrollment. In addition, there is a $50 application fee, and a $200 registration fee.  Please see the Tuition page for more information.  

Books and Uniforms: This is an extra student expense. Cost depends on books and uniform pieces needed. For planning purposes, it is safe to budget $1,000 total for these expenses for the first year. Depending on purchases, the amount should be less for subsequent years.

Participation fees:  Certain sports, however, may require specialized equipment which the student-athlete would need to purchase.

Housing : Saint John Paul the Great is a day school and does not provide housing or find host families for international students. An agency with a local office is required for all international students.  Agents must provide proof of a safe, supportive  home before the I-20 visa application is processed. International students are required to live with approved families through their course of study at John Paul, even if the student should turn 18, and may not change homes without prior approval from the school.

Transportation: John Paul provides limited bus service from certain areas, and is an extra expense for students (see 2018-2019 Bus Terms and Conditions).

Ready to apply? Our on-line application system will guide you step-by-step through the process and allow you to upload documents and track the progress of your application.

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