_DSC0040 (2) - v1Frequently Asked Questions

Do students wear uniforms?
Yes, the students at Saint John Paul the Great wear uniforms reflecting the school colors of green, black and white.  Uniforms – head-to-toe – are ordered through Flynn and O’Hara.

What about transportation options to and from school? 
We operate school buses from the following areas: Fredericksburg/Stafford, Gainesville/Manassas, and Alexandria/Springfield. Please see the Bus Routes below. These transportation options are offered at an additional cost.

Carpools are a popular option for our students.  Registered JP families who are interested in exploring car pool options can add their name to the list, and access it when needed in order to network with other families.

Is there a lunch program?
Yes, a private catering company, Fairfax Food Service, prepares delicious, healthy, hot meals and well as a-la-carte items, fresh each day on site. In lieu of cash, students use credit on their pre-loaded I.D. cards for food purchases. View sample menu.