IMG_1454The Mathematics Department provides a multi-level college preparatory curriculum that stresses logical reasoning, problem solving and applications to real world situations. Integration between our math and science courses played a key factor in the development of the curricula of each of these departments. Preparation for the math portions of the college entrance exams is incorporated in a grade-appropriate level throughout the curriculum.

Graduation Requirements for Mathematics:
3 credits are required at the high school level. As with all Diocesan Catholic High Schools, courses completed in middle school do not transfer as high school credits. However, if an incoming freshman passes our exemption exams (Algebra and/or Geometry), demonstrating mastery, the student may take the next higher course. Otherwise, all freshmen begin with Algebra I. The exemption exams are offered at John Paul the Great, usually during the first week of June.

Required Courses: 

  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II

Elective Courses:

  • Pre-Calculus, Advanced
  • Pre-Calculus/Math Analysis, Honors
  • Calculus, Honors
  • College Topics in Mathematics I
  • College Topics in Mathematics II
  • Problem Solving in Algebra I
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Calculus

Department Mission Statement:
The mission of the Mathematics Department is to lead students to discover and appreciate the beauty of the divine order of the universe, the fields of mathematics, and the value of mathematics in the various disciplines it serves. Throughout all courses, students will discover patterns, develop a general set of principles for reasoning about those patterns, and apply a systematic approach to problem solving. Students will learn to collaborate with their peers in order to more thoroughly understand concepts and solve real life problems. Our teachers will foster an environment where students of differing abilities, backgrounds, and learning styles are respected and appreciated. We will strive to develop in our students a life-long love of learning and the skills necessary to be successful in their further studies, in their chosen careers, and in their everyday lives.