Communication and Media Arts

Frog by Megan LovelessThe Department of Communications and Media Arts provides students with disciplined understanding of current media trends, technologies and skills as well as the impact of media on society and the individual person. The courses blend theory and hands-on training to prepare and form students into knowledgeable, responsible and effective communicators.

Mission Statement:
The Department of Communication and Media Arts seeks to empower our students to use all forms of media for the promotion of what is true, good and beautiful. The vision for the department is to affect change in our culture by forming students that can effectively communicate truth.

Core Courses (1.5 credits required):
Digital Media
Media Internships
Screenwriting and Film Production
Independent Media Project
Elective Courses (1 credit required):
Graphic Design/Digital Art
Digital Photography
Theatre Technology
Multiplatform Journalism
Speech and Debate
Advanced Forensics
Web Communication and Social Media
History of Media
Documentaries and Technical Writing
Project Management in Digital Media