Fine Arts

band 10The fine arts enhance the human experience and enrich the human person. The Fine Arts curriculum at Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School provides opportunities for students to explore the arts and to acquire historical and cultural knowledge while developing skills across various arts disciplines. The study of the fine arts provides a foundation from which each student may guide his or her creativity towards an informed and authentic expression, in service of beauty and society.

Graduation Requirements for Fine Arts: 1 credit is required. Students may earn the required credit in this department, or split the requirement by earning .5 credit in Fine Arts and .5 credit in Communication/Media Arts, as many of the courses are cross-listed.

Melina smilingCourses:

  • Concert Chorus
  • Concert Band
  • AP Music Theory
  • AP Studio Art: Drawing Portfolio/2D Design
  • AP Art History
  • Studio Art I and II
  • Speech and Debate
  • Advanced Forensics
  • Dance
  • Digital Photography
  • Drawing I and II
  • Portfolio Production/Drawing III and Painting
  • Clayworks
  • Beginning Sculpture
  • Acting
  • Theatre Technology

Mission Statement

“This is precisely your task, your mission: to stir up awe at and desire for the beautiful, form the sensitivity of souls and nourish the passion for all that which is an authentic expression of the human genius and a reflection of divine beauty.” – Saint John Paul II’s 1999 Letter to Artists

Fine Arts teachers, in appreciation for the beauty of truth, commit to:

  • Awakening in new students an awareness of a talent or gift for the arts of which they had been previously unaware,
  • Giving instruction that aids students in developing their craft and instills in them a desire for continuous improvement and growth,
  • Forming students’ sense of the good and beautiful, so they develop a discerning eye,
  • Fostering students’ understanding that a gift of self through properly ordered artistic expression is an act of love and has potential to bear fruit within the larger community,
  • Engaging the culture


Frog by Megan Loveless

Digital Photography student Megan Loveless captures a frog as it takes a rest on a fellow student’s camera.

kids like art

Students observe the work of a professional artist and animator after a presentation in the library.


Four art students practice perspective drawings by observing the architecture of the school.


Choir students at our annual Christmas concert.

Concert 3

Band students perform against the backdrop of a Christmas movie classic.