Program Overview

_DSC0586 - v3“The bar is set high at JP. We are challenged to reach our highest goals, to be our best selves, and to make a difference.”

– Elizabeth Shofi, Class of 2013, House of Aquino

Saint John Paul the Great is committed to providing a comprehensive and challenging academic program. The goal is to prepare our students to succeed in college, while still having a fun, meaningful, high school experience.

The accredited college-preparatory curriculum is a rigorous course of study in the required fields of Religion, Bioethics, English, Math, Science (all labs), Social Studies, World Languages, Fine Arts,  Physical Education, and Communication and Media Arts.

Three levels of study are offered in each of the core disciplines, challenging students at the appropriate level in various subjects:

  • Academic: Academic level courses are designed to meet the needs of students who desire a serious college preparatory curriculum.
  • Advanced: Advanced level courses are designed to meet the needs of students who desire a serious college preparatory curriculum, who can complete tasks with minimum supervision, and who have demonstrated an above average level of aptitude and achievement.
  • Honors and AP: Honors and AP level courses are designed to meet the needs of students who want an advanced college preparatory curriculum, who are highly motivated, and who have demonstrated a high level of responsibility, aptitude and achievement. Principles and concepts are explored in greater depth, and more independent work is expected of the student.

Course placement is determined by students’ demonstrated achievement and ability, as indicated by grades in prerequisite classes, standardized test scores, and teacher recommendations.

An Academic Support Program exists for students with documented learning difficulties who, with support, can succeed in our competitive college-prep curriculum. The Office of Guidance and Counseling offers academic and personal support to students while providing essential services to assist with succeeding in high school and planning for college.

John Paul is also proud to offer the Options Program: a special education program for students with moderate intellectual or cognitive disabilities. For more information on this innovative and inclusive program, please visit The Options Program page.

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