PED Talk: Teens and Technology

A take-off on the popular TED talks that provide inspiration on a variety of topics, the JP PED Talk focuses on Parenting, Education, and Discussion. This annual event aims to equip parents of Catholic teenagers with the skills and information needed to raise happy, faithful, and prepared teenagers to thrive in the so-called “real world” after graduation from JP.

2016-2017 PED Talk: Saturday, February 11, 2017

 “Parenting In the Age of Social Media & Technology”

Featuring Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ray Guarendi, and Deacon Marques Silva

All parents, guardians, and others raising children are invited! You’ll learn about how to protect your teen, what apps and websites to be wary of, what are reasonable usage limits, and how to use your best parenting skills to manage it all. The morning features two outstanding speakers: Dr. Ray Guarendi (of EWTN Radio and TV), and Deacon Marques Silva of the Diocese of Arlington. Tickets are only $15 each ($25 per couple) and a light breakfast is included. Holy Mass will be offered before-hand for those wishing to attend.  

For more information, and to purchase tickets, please visit our online registration site today!

Questions? Please contact JP Family Association president, Mark Randall: